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A/B Testing


An A/B test is an experimental method that compares two versions (A and B). It is used on the product page of an app to compare user behavior and responses in order to find a more effective design or method of appeal.

How does this help me?

Improvement in conversion rate: Enhancing the user's response to the app's objectives (such as downloads, purchases, etc.).

Improvement in user engagement: Understanding the user's actions within the app and implementing changes to enhance engagement.

Data-driven decision making: Making decisions based on actual user data, rather than on intuition or predictions.


The meaning of A/B testing in mobile apps can contribute to the increase of organic users, in addition to its usual implications. By conducting A/B testing via search under specific keywords, it is possible to increase the CR (Conversion Rate) of the keyword itself. Increasing the CR for a specific keyword can positively impact search rankings, and it is also possible to improve the overall CR of the app at the same time.

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