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Click-Through to Conversion Rate(CTVR)


Click-Through to Conversion Rate (CTVR) is a metric that indicates the relationship between the number of clicks and the number of conversions, specifically calculated as the product of the Click-Through Rate (CTR) and the Conversion Rate (CR). CTVR is an important metric for evaluating the overall performance of advertising campaigns and websites.

1. Valuation of ImpressionsThe major difference between CTVR and CR is the ability to measure the value of impressions. For example, if there is one install for every 10 clicks, the CR is 10%. However, the value of impressions changes depending on whether there were 1,000 or 10,000 impressions leading up to those 10 clicks. This figure can be clarified by looking at the CTVR.2. Optimization of Screenshots and Product PagesTo improve CTVR, the icons and screenshots within the product page are crucial. By providing users with attractive and relevant messages, the transition from impressions to installs can be smoothed, and performance can be improved. This also enhances the relevance between keywords and the corresponding app.3. Understanding the User JourneyCTVR helps to understand the user's journey from the occurrence of an impression to conversion. This allows for the identification of barriers that users face when passing through the conversion funnel, and measures can be taken to improve them.

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