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Cost Per Install (CPI)


Cost Per Install (CPI) is a metric that indicates the advertising cost per single app install. App developers and marketers use it to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and manage advertising budgets efficiently.

1. Measuring Advertising EffectivenessBy using CPI, you can measure how effectively an advertising campaign is promoting app installs. A low CPI indicates that many installs are being acquired at a low advertising cost, which means the advertising is effective.2. Optimizing Advertising BudgetBy analyzing CPI, you can determine which advertising channel is acquiring installs most cost-effectively, and you can more effectively allocate your advertising budget.3. Evaluating ROIBy comparing the revenue from the app and the CPI, you can evaluate the ROI (Return on Investment) of your advertising investment. If the CPI is lower than the average revenue from the app, it can be said that the advertising campaign is generating profit.4. User Acquisition StrategyBy understanding CPI, you can determine which user segment can be acquired most cost-effectively, and you can optimize your user acquisition strategy.5. Competitive AnalysisBy knowing the industry standard CPI, you can compare your company's performance with competitors and understand your position in the market.6. Improving ProfitabilityBy optimizing CPI, you can use your advertising budget more effectively and improve profitability.

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