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Cost Per Tap (CPT)


Cost Per Tap (CPT) refers to the cost that advertisers pay each time a user taps on a mobile advertisement. This is an important metric, especially for in-app advertisements and mobile web advertisements, and it is useful for measuring the effectiveness of advertisements and managing budgets. In terms of meaning, it is similar to Cost Per Click (CPC), and there is a tendency to use CPT more often in Apple Search Ads.

1. Measurement of Advertising EffectivenessCPT (Cost Per Thousand) is useful in measuring how effectively an advertisement draws the attention of users and leads them to take action. A low CPT indicates that the advertisement is effective and has been successful in attracting users.2. Budget ManagementAdvertisers can use CPT to manage the budget of their advertising campaigns and maximize the efficiency of their ad spend. By understanding CPT, it is possible to optimize ad spend and achieve goals while keeping costs down.3. Performance OptimizationBy analyzing CPT data, you can optimize the performance of your advertising campaign and improve the effectiveness of your ads. You can determine which ads are most effective and concentrate resources on efficient ads.4. Evaluation of ROICPT is useful in evaluating the Return on Investment (ROI) of an advertising campaign. By comparing the cost of the advertisement and the revenue obtained through the advertisement, you can accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign.5. Reach to Target AudienceBy optimizing CPT, you can effectively reach your target audience and lead them to take action. This can improve the success rate of your advertising campaign.6. Alignment with Market TrendsCPT can be evaluated in comparison with market trends and standards in the advertising industry. This allows advertisers to understand where their advertising efficiency stands in comparison to the industry average, and adjust their strategy as needed.

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