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Daily Active Users (DAU)


Daily Active Users (DAU) refers to the total number of unique users who use a particular app or website on a specific day. This metric is widely used to measure the engagement and health of a platform.

1. Measurement of User EngagementDAU (Daily Active Users) is a crucial metric indicating how actively users are utilizing a platform. A high DAU indicates that users are interacting with the product or service on a daily basis, reflecting high engagement and loyalty.2. Tracking Growth and PopularityBy tracking fluctuations in DAU, one can grasp the growth trends and popularity of a platform. A rapid increase in DAU indicates that the adoption of the product is accelerating, while a decrease suggests potential issues.3. Evaluation of User Base HealthThe more active users regularly using a platform, the healthier the user base is considered to be. This is important for long-term business success.4. Opportunities for Monetization StrategiesPlatforms with many active users are attractive to advertisers and investors, increasing opportunities for monetization.5. Insights for Product ImprovementThrough the analysis of DAU, insights can be gained about how users are using the product or service. This can be useful for improving user experience and introducing new features.6. Evaluation of Marketing EffectivenessThe impact of marketing campaigns and promotions can be evaluated through DAU. If a campaign is successful, an increase in DAU can be expected.7. Building User LoyaltyA high DAU generally indicates that users are satisfied with the product or service and continue to use it, contributing to the building of long-term customer loyalty. However, many apps consider the DAU of paying users as the most important user loyalty. In such cases, setting ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) along with DAU as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can lead to beneficial analysis.

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