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App Title/Name


The name of the app. It is displayed in the App Store and on the device's home screen.

Formation of the first impression

The title of an app is one of the first elements that a user sees, and it can give a strong first impression. An attractive and memorable title is important for drawing the user's attention and generating interest in the app.

Building brand identity

The title of an app forms part of its brand identity and influences how users perceive and remember the app. Building a consistent brand identity can enhance trust and recognition.

Explanation of the app's content and functions

The title provides an opportunity to succinctly convey the main features and benefits of the app. A clear and concise title helps users instantly understand what the app does.

Search Engine Optimization (ASO)

The title of an app greatly affects its search results in the App Store. A title that includes relevant keywords functions as part of search engine optimization (App Store Optimization, ASO), and can enhance the visibility of the app.

Staying in the user's memory

A unique and memorable app title helps users remember the app and makes it easier for them to recall it when they want to use it again. This contributes to improving user engagement and loyalty.

Marketing and promotion

The title of an app is frequently used in marketing materials and promotional campaigns, and it is a crucial element in increasing the app's recognition. The title of an app plays a vital role in attracting user attention, forming the app's brand, enhancing visibility in search results, and staying in the user's memory. Choosing an appropriate app title can contribute to the success of the app.

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