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Apple Search Ads


Apple provides an advertising platform where developers can promote their own apps within the App Store.

1. Improvement of App VisibilityThis refers to the enhancement of an app's visibility in the App Store, especially for new or less recognized apps. By using Apple Search Ads, developers can highlight their apps and increase the chances of being noticed by potential users.2. Impact on ASO MeasuresThis refers to the influence of Apple Search Ads on App Store Optimization (ASO) measures. For instance, developers can use keyword data obtained from Apple Search Ads for ASO measures. Also, by delivering Apple Search Ads, the "relevance" between the "app and keywords" increases, which can improve organic ranking.3. Increase in Downloads and RevenueThis refers to the increase in app downloads and revenue, as Apple Search Ads are the most used ads in iOS and have the highest install volume, as reported by AppsFlyer's Index data. This indicates the high impact of app install ads, suggesting that promotional strategies should start from this channel.4. Improvement of ROIThis refers to the enhancement of Return on Investment (ROI) through Apple Search Ads, which are the only proactive ads in app advertising. As they involve the act of searching, they include the user's proactive behavior in their process, making them an important ad format that can expect high ROI.5. Differentiation from CompetitorsThis refers to the ability of developers to differentiate their apps from competitors' apps by using Apple Search Ads. By doing so, they can increase the likelihood of users choosing their app. Apple Search Ads is the only way to acquire users who are searching for competitor names.

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