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Broad Match


"Broad Match" is a type of keyword match setting in search advertising campaigns that allows advertisers to display ads for a wide range of search queries related to the specified keywords. Using Broad Match, ads may potentially match with the specified keywords, their synonyms, related search queries, and even spelling errors.

1. Expansion of Ad ReachUsing Broad Match increases the opportunities for your ads to be displayed, allowing you to reach more potential customers. This can enhance brand awareness and increase the chances of acquiring new customers.2. Efficiency in Keyword ResearchBy utilizing Broad Match, advertisers can display ads for many related search queries, saving the effort of conducting detailed keyword research.3. Increase in TrafficThe Broad Match setting allows ads to be displayed for more search queries, potentially increasing traffic to mobile apps. This is particularly significant for new apps.4. Increase in Conversion OpportunitiesThe expansion of ad reach and increase in traffic can lead to an increase in conversion opportunities.5. Improvement in Performance Data Collection SpeedUsing Broad Match allows your ads to be displayed for many different search queries, enabling you to quickly collect data on which keywords or phrases are most effective. This data can be used to optimize future ad campaigns.

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