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"Cohort" refers to a group sharing common characteristics or experiences within a specific period. In the context of business and analysis, it is often used as "Cohort Analysis". This is an analytical method that divides users or customers into groups and tracks the behavior and performance of those groups over time.

1. Understanding User Behavior: This refers to the process of comprehending the behavior patterns of users who started using a service or product during a specific period through cohort analysis. This understanding allows for the evaluation and improvement of user engagement and loyalty.2. Analysis of Customer Retention Rate: This involves examining the retention rate of user groups who registered for the service at different times. This analysis helps evaluate the impact of specific campaigns or events on user retention.3. Evaluation of Profitability: This refers to the use of cohort analysis to analyze the revenue generation patterns of different user groups and identify the most profitable user segments.4. Measurement of Marketing Effectiveness: This involves analyzing the performance of user groups acquired through different periods or campaigns. This analysis helps evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of marketing activities and optimize future marketing strategies.5. Providing Direction for Product Improvement: This refers to the use of cohort analysis to analyze user feedback and behavior, find points of improvement for products or services, and enhance the user experience.6. Understanding Customer Lifecycle: This involves tracking user groups over time to understand the actions taken at different stages of the customer lifecycle. This understanding allows for taking appropriate actions at the right time.

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