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Combination Keywords


"Combination Keywords" refers to search keywords that are created by combining two or more words or phrases. This type of keyword is typically used by users who are searching for specific products, services, or information in more detail.

1. High Relevance and Conversion RateCompound keywords are often searched by users with specific needs or intentions, making it easier for advertisements and content to match these needs, which tends to result in a higher conversion rate.2. Low Competition RateCompared to general keywords, compound keywords often have a lower competition rate. This allows advertisers to potentially secure top advertising positions at a lower cost.3. Reach to Target AudienceBy using compound keywords, it is possible to effectively reach a narrow target audience that is interested in specific products or services.4. Maximizing Marketing EffectivenessBy using compound keywords, it is possible to make marketing messaging more relevant, and maximize the effectiveness of advertisements and content.5. Insights from Keyword ResearchThrough the analysis of compound keywords, it is possible to gain insights into what products or information users are looking for and what words they are using to search. This can be useful in optimizing product development and content strategy.6. Optimization of ASO and AdvertisingBy effectively using compound keywords, it is possible to optimize both App Store Optimization (ASO) and advertising campaigns, improving app traffic and conversion.

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