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Competitor Keywords


"Competitor Keywords" refers to the keywords that are emphasized or targeted by competing companies in business or marketing. Analyzing these keywords helps to understand the strategies of competing companies and optimize one's own marketing strategy.

1. Understanding the Market: This refers to the process of gaining a deeper understanding of market trends and customer needs by identifying the keywords targeted by competitors. This can help in finding market niches and providing products or services that suit the target audience.2. Optimization of ASO and Apple Search Ads: This involves analyzing the keywords that competitors prioritize to improve the company's website and ad campaign's App Store Optimization (ASO) and App Store Search Engine Marketing (ASA), thereby achieving higher rankings in search results.3. Strengthening Unique Value Proposition: This means not only targeting the same keywords as competitors but also enhancing your unique value proposition and finding your own keywords to differentiate from other companies.4. Maximizing Advertising Effectiveness: This refers to the process of optimizing advertising campaigns and using the advertising budget more effectively by knowing the keywords used by competitors.5. Risk Reduction: This involves understanding the strategies of competitors to respond quickly to changes and competition in the market, thereby reducing business risks.6. Identifying Revenue Opportunities: This refers to the process of finding overlooked keywords or market gaps by competitors and exploring new revenue opportunities.

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