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Keyword Rankings


In app marketing, 'Keyword Rankings' refer to the position of an app in the search results related to a specific keyword within the app store. When users search for apps in the app store, they mainly use keywords. Therefore, keyword rankings are an important metric that directly affects the visibility and number of downloads of an app.

1. Improved VisibilityHigh keyword rankings improve the visibility of your app, providing more opportunities for users to discover your app. Being displayed at the top of the app store directly leads to acquiring new users.2. Increase in Organic TrafficWhen your keyword ranking is high, you can gain more organic traffic (traffic obtained naturally without using advertisements) through the app store search results. Organic traffic tends not to cost anything and tends to bring a higher conversion rate.3. Reduction in User Acquisition CostBy ranking high in keyword searches, you can acquire users without relying on advertisements, making it possible to reduce the user acquisition cost (Customer Acquisition Cost, CAC).4. Differentiation from CompetitorsAchieving high rankings for important keywords can be a means of differentiating your app from competitors. When users search for a specific keyword, your app appearing first can give you an advantage over competitors.5. Improved Brand AwarenessHigh rankings in the app store can enhance the credibility and awareness of your brand. Users are more likely to trust apps that are ranked higher, which in turn, leads to an increase in the number of downloads.6. Importance of ASO (App Store Optimization) StrategyKeyword ranking is an important aspect of ASO. By selecting appropriate keywords and optimizing your app's title, description, metadata, etc., you can improve your ranking in search results.

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