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"Localization" is the process of adapting an app to a specific market or cultural area. This includes not only language translation, but also customization to match regional culture, customs, regulations, and user preferences and expectations.

1. Market ExpansionBy making the app compatible with multiple languages, it is possible to reach users in various countries and regions, enabling market expansion.2. Improvement of User ExperienceBy incorporating familiar languages and cultural elements for users, you can improve the user experience of the app and make it easier to use.3. Gaining Competitive AdvantageBy customizing based on local needs, you can gain a competitive advantage over other general apps, increasing the chances of success in a specific market.4. Expression of Cultural SensitivityCulturally sensitive localization shows users that the company respects the culture and values of their region, improving the brand image.5. Compliance with Legal RequirementsDifferent countries have different legal requirements. Localization is also important for complying with local regulations and standards.

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