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Mobile measurement partner (MMP)


Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) is a third-party service for accurately tracking and measuring the results of app advertising campaigns. MMP helps advertisers understand the ROI (Return on Investment) of mobile advertising, and optimize user acquisition and retention strategies.

1. Tool for Measuring EffectivenessMMP accurately tracks how much a specific advertisement contributes to app installs and actions. This allows you to clearly understand the effectiveness of your marketing.2. Multi-Channel TrackingBy using MMP, you can centrally track and compare the results of various advertising channels and campaigns. This allows you to evaluate the efficiency of your marketing and optimize your budget allocation.3. Fraud PreventionSignificance: MMP detects advertising fraud (such as fraudulent ad clicks and installs) and prevents losses caused by it. This prevents wastage of advertising budget and allows you to focus on true user acquisition.4. User Engagement TrackingMMP can also track user engagement after install. It tracks metrics such as active users, number of sessions, retention rate, etc., and helps improve the user experience.5. Optimization of RetargetingBy using MMP, you can measure the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns for existing users and improve their efficiency.6. Transparency and Reliability of DataAs MMP is a third-party organization, the transparency and reliability of data are guaranteed. Advertisers can make decisions based on fair data.7. Compliance with Data PrivacyMMP usually complies with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and meets legal requirements for handling user data.

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