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Monthly Active Users(MAU)


"Monthly Active Users" (MAU) refers to the total number of unique users who used the app in a specific month. MAU can potentially be a key indicator of app growth and engagement.

1. Measuring Engagement and LoyaltyMAU measures how much users are involved with the app (engagement) and how long they keep coming back to the app (loyalty). A high MAU indicates strong user engagement and loyalty.2. Understanding Growth TrendsBy tracking changes in MAU, you can identify the growth trends of the app. An increasing MAU indicates healthy growth, while a decrease may suggest potential problems.3. Evaluating Marketing StrategiesYou can use MAU to evaluate the impact of specific marketing campaigns and feature releases. An increase in MAU indicates that the strategy is effective.4. Monetization OpportunitiesThe more MAUs, the more potential revenue from monetization strategies such as ad displays and in-app purchases. MAU is important in evaluating the business model and monetization potential.5. Indicator of Product HealthThe number of users who regularly use the app serves as a barometer of whether the product has value to the users. MAU data helps identify areas for product improvement.6. Reporting to Investors and StakeholdersMAU is a standard metric for measuring app performance and is widely used in reporting to investors and stakeholders.

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