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Negative Keywords


"Negative Keywords" are keywords used in search ad campaigns to prevent ads from being displayed due to irrelevant or undesirable search queries. These play a role in saving wasted ad budget and improving conversion rates by ensuring that ads are not triggered by certain keywords or phrases.

1. Efficient use of advertising budgetBy setting negative keywords, you can avoid displaying ads on inappropriate search queries and prevent wastage of your advertising budget. This allows you to use your budget more effectively and reach users with high relevance.2. Improving the accuracy of the target audienceBy preventing your ads from being displayed to irrelevant audiences, you can increase the accuracy of targeting and narrow down to users who are likely to be interested.3. Improving conversion ratesBy eliminating clicks from irrelevant search queries, you can prevent a decrease in conversion rates. As a result, the number of high-quality leads and sales increases.4. Optimizing campaign performanceBy limiting the display of ads to the most relevant searches with a high likelihood of conversion, you can optimize the overall performance of the campaign.5. Improving user experienceAs users see fewer ads they are not interested in, the user experience improves and the impression of the brand is enhanced.6. Improving click-through rate (CTR)By reducing irrelevant clicks, you can improve the click-through rate (CTR) and enhance the effectiveness of the ads.7. Improving the quality score of search enginesThe use of negative keywords means that ads are displayed only on highly relevant search queries. This is a factor in improving the quality score of ads by search engines such as Google.

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