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Organic Installs


"Organic Installs" refers to the install of apps not through advertisements or paid promotions, but through natural searches and word of mouth. This install occurs when users voluntarily search for and find apps in the app store and download them.

1. Cost EfficiencyOrganic installs are very cost-effective as they are acquired without spending on advertising or marketing. This is particularly advantageous for developers and startups with limited budgets.2. High User Retention RateUsers who perform organic installs tend to have a higher retention rate than users who install through advertisements, as they found the app on their own. This implies a more long-term user engagement.3. Improvement in App Credibility and AwarenessOrganic installs indicate that the app is naturally spreading through word of mouth and store rankings. This enhances the credibility and awareness of the app in the market.4. Results of App Store Optimization (ASO)An increase in organic installs is proof that efforts in App Store Optimization (ASO) are bearing fruit. In other words, it means that the selection of the app's title, description, and keywords is functioning effectively.5. Better User FeedbackUsers who voluntarily install the app tend to give more positive feedback and ratings. This works in favor of the app's in-store ranking and reputation.6. Foundation for Continuous GrowthOrganic installs bring a continuous influx of new users to the app even after the end of marketing campaigns, serving as a foundation for the app's long-term growth.7. Complement to Marketing StrategyAlong with paid advertising campaigns, organic installs complement the marketing strategy and reduce the overall User Acquisition Cost (UAC).Organic installs play a very important role in app marketing, with functions such as cost efficiency, high user retention rate, improvement in app credibility and awareness, indicators of ASO results, acquisition of good user feedback, foundation for continuous growth, and complement to marketing strategy. App developers should focus on optimizing visibility in the app store and providing valuable experiences to users in order to increase organic installs.

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